Expert Advisers

Articles in the American Indian Studies portion of the database have been expertly reviewed by the following people:

Special thanks to Dr. Katrina Phillips, Macelester College. Dr. Phillips would also like to thank the following for their contributions: Amber Annis, Kyle Geissler, Dr. Kasey R. Keeler, Dr. Ruth E. Knezevich, Dr. Rebecca S. Wingo, and Dr. Coll Thrush.

Raymond J. DeMallie (Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1971) is Chancellor’s Professor of Anthropology and American Studies at Indiana University and Co-Director of the American Indian Studies Research Institute. His studies focus on Plains Indian cultures, languages, and history; he is the editor of Volume 13, Plains, Handbook of North American Indians (Smithsonian Institution, 2001).

Rebecca Nathan, Ph.D. Candidate in Anthropology at Indiana University, Bloomington, is the G.I.S. Manager for the Crow Tribal Historic Preservation Office, Crow Agency, Montana. Her dissertation research focuses on archaeological predictive modeling utilizing both social and environmental data on the Crow Reservation. She completed her M.A. in archaeology at Indiana University in 2013.

Kelsey Noack Myers, Ph.D. Candidate in Anthropology at Indiana University, Bloomington, is a Research Fellow at the Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology. Her dissertation research focuses on 18th century multi-ethnic communities of Algonquian speakers and French colonists in the Midwest. She is a Registered Professional Archaeologist, and completed her M.A. in Historical Archaeology at the College of William & Mary in Virginia, which focused on late 16th–18th century dietary and cultural changes in Native and English colonial populations in the Mid-Atlantic.